Jun 2020

Just when we thought our album release date is only an announcement away….. Another delay!

Had we been in the era Rollin is set in, losing album artwork in the post would be a near catastrophe, or the catalyst that causes THAT cover that people talk about even today. However, thankfully we are in the age of digital storage, micro memory and drones capable of delivering small packages to the most remote of places. All we can do is hope our original ideas of what Rock ‘n’ Roll is all about hasn’t fell into any of our fellow musicians in America!

During a recent online press conference the band would not be drawn on who they believe to be responsible for the theft of their intellectual property only to say ”in the wrong hands our work could alter the shape of Rock’ n’ Roll as we know it”…… No worries then. The lads were more willing to talk about why they have made a Skiffle album in the 21st Century?

” So many musicians and musical revolutions are influenced by the 50’s Skiffle movement we wanted to pay our respects to the artists involved in doing so we have recorded, as loyal to the original as we could, a select few covers. This, we hope will help our audience relate to where we are coming from and at the same time offer our own take on the style in the 21st Century.”…. Voodoo Kings


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