Jun 2020

Our creative staff at Voodoo Towers have been very busy tweaking and colouring. Helen has been leading the team and it’s all protractors, letraset and pencils in her office, we’ve also heard some good vibes seeping through the walls. The walls that we have been busy licking a new coat of paint here and there, adding a few new bits to the fixture and fittings…

A flashing eye has been installed under the rooster pen CCTV it has a Bluetooth link to a sensor on their food trough. Whippet also has the whole rig linked to his phone and the Voodoo rehearsal room, happy roosters, happy Whippet. Sam has had a revolving mariachi mask dispenser fitted into his wardrobe while Dave has had a new app designed for the purchase and delivery of strong white flour complete with the installation of a bread proving basket stand in the kitchen.

Of course we have included all of you with our Voodoo Makeover and very soon we will share the new T-Shirt design, badge all new stuff features a slight twist on the logo you have grown to love…. Which by the way has very recently celebrated a lock down birthday!

If you’re about to celebrate a birthday we wish you a memorable one in these weird times….. Keep it Rockin’ Voodoo’s!!!!!!!

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