This week is, as we expected, a pretty busy time at Voodoo Central. Yesterday Rollin‘ was released on the band’s own 21st Century label and the Kings where at the helm of everything to do with getting that song available this week. So many times we’ve been asked when will new Voodoo material be released… Well we hope you all think Rollin’ is well worth the wait, and buy loads of downloads, Whip’s okay but Sam and Dave really want a VW camper for next Summer…. Thank You all!!

Next up is another excellent short film by talented film maker Steve Taylor, Rollin’, of course provides the soundtrack and the action shots were filmed in Spring at Coventry’s famous old print works at the Telegraph offices…. It’s a very entertaining peice of motion art and we can’t wait for you to see it. We decided to make the experience accessible for the deaf and hard of hearing so optional subtitles will be finalised before the curtain is raised tomorrow!!… Yes Saturday 6th July see the film Rollin’ featuring the music and moving images of Voodoo Kings.

Of course the main event next week in Coventry is the Specials return from their highly successful 30 date tour to play at home for four nights in Coventry Cathedral Ruins doors open at 7pm and if you are going on Thursday 11th July you will see Voodoo Kings perform a special support show for their fellow local musicians….

We will post that video link up tomorrow……. Rock a Hula Voodoo’s!!!

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