Aug 2020

The communications mast atop Voodoo Towers has been twitching a bit more than usual recently. Last week Pete Chambers gave us a very positive review of Rollin and this week the twitching continued as Dave relayed some thoughts and shared some truths with BBC CWR Introducing DJ Brody Swain, follow the link at the bottom of this article to have a listen in.

So with all the local love for Rollin coming our way we have decided to definitely put it out there. It will be the debut release on our very own 21st Century Music Publishing Limited label and the album was recorded and mixed entirely at 14Records with the wonderful Matt and Gemma during various visits to their Leamington studio in 2019… We absolutely enjoyed everything about making the music ‘happen’, creating our own songs that we felt would slot into the era we portray and being loyal with a few covers too…. Once we had all that together we just needed the image to accompany our creation, up stepped our Hel and her creative flair! By February we were ready to unleash the steam train Rollin had become……

However, the track ahead was about to throw a unique situation at the generations of us that inhabit this planet…. Not even the older ones who have lived through ‘it all’, the ones you ‘can’t show something they haven’t seen before’ saw this ugly threat a looming on the dark horizon like a cloud of doom…. Well, we’ve not travelled through that cloud yet, but we didn’t lose our sense of humour, our humility or, especially our humanity…. And now we are at a point where we think having this joyful offering that is Rollin available for anyone who might be a bit strung out with the situation, or maybe in isolation and in need of something new from the Kings of Voodoo!!

General Release is October 2nd or get your Pre-Release CD album at a Voodoo Kings gig!!…. Next up….. GATEHOUSE TAVERN COVENTRY SUNDAY AUGUST 30TH (local laws and weather permitting of course)

From August 20th 2020 Brody and Dave BBC CWR

(Dave came into conversation with Brody 2hours and 20 mins in folks) .

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