Jan 2020

As mentioned in our previous blog the wheels on the album track are in motion and we’re very pleased to announce Rollin‘ will be published and released by Coventrys 21st Century Music Publishing Limited. Voodoo Kings have a 50% stake in the company and all involved are hoping Coventry will have its very own record company for the first time since 2Tone hit the streets 40 years ago.

21C were partly responsible for Systems Green, of course Nervous Records was our ‘umbrella’ and we are very grateful to Roy Williams for showing us the way. If we are going to make mistakes may they be lessons we learn quick, we really hope this set up will aid local talent in the future as 2Tone did in the Eighties… Worth a shot anyway eh!

More news about this exciting venture next week and a date for your diary when you can here all the album previewed live!!!……


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