Well it’s been a creative week in Voodoo Ville, the lads have moved through some Latin rythym to the Bosa Nova as the three explored some crazy beats and Sam invented some Bass bahoola. Being creative on the tribal side of Voodoo beats and vocal incantations Whippet has been very productive, while Dave has been jotting down thoughts based on the construction of the mightily railroad! It’s all in aid of your total enjoyment of the newest recordings being prepared…..

So, to our next get together and it’s a very popular one! … The Acoustic Voodoo Skifflebilly Blues Train pulls into her spiritual station The Old Windmill in Coventry at 9pm on Friday April 5th

According to the calendar we are into Springtime by then so it will be the first Voodoo Kings gig of Summer 2019.

See y’all there in 3 weeks time Voodoo’s!!!!!!

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