Who would have expected anything that has happened on earth this year?! Especially last Summer while everyone was rockin’, reelin’ or   rollin’ or in most cases all three!  Festivals were in full swing, in Coventry Godiva Festival was put back to the August Bank Holiday, extending our Summer of live vibes, it was all gravy  there was plenty more in the jug and the event that a year on people up and down the UK would talk about as  that gig, was just about to happen….

….. The Specials had completed a long tour of Europe, USA and UK and in the second week in July 2019 they brought it all home to Coventry Cathedral Ruins….. What a brilliant venue for the occasion! The once in a lifetime event took place over four nights and tickets were sold out as soon as they were put up for sale… Everyone wanted to be at this one!

It was decided amongst the Specials crew that the support slots would go to four compatible competant Coventry bands, and on the 11th July the evening kicked off with a very lively Voodoo Kings set.

The afternoon was cloudy but warm and there might be a splash of a shower early evening but that would all. Not that the Voodoo Kings were that concerned about the weather, putting on a good show and enjoying the atmosphere was key. Dave remembers:  ” we arrived to sound check and heavy dub was reverberating around the old ruins , everyone was so chilled out and smiling, I had a feeling this was going to be a memorable event ”…. Indeed it was, people still talk about it today and over time the 10,000 people who saw the show will become 100, 000. There was a documentary made and has not been aired as yet but it will be well worth watching we’re sure.

So, let’s keep optimistic, the signs are good for a return of live music and theatre soon…. In another years time we should all be talking about the gigs that are about to happen!….. Here are two songs from the Voodoo Kings set on July 11th 2019 at the Cathedral Ruins Coventry….



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