Jun 2019

Voodoo Kings will play one gig between now and their appearance in the Coventry Cathedral Ruins with fellow local musicians The Specials.

….. And it’s next weekend!… The gig was confirmed by the band immediately as they all thought they had been asked to play on a good old steam train called the Longford Engine… Turns out to be a venue in Longford called The Engine!!…… Who’dathunkdat?


Although the show will be longer on Saturday the lads will be showcasing their songs included in the show they perform in the Cathedral Ruins on July 11th…. While tickets for that night sold out in nano seconds, some of you had reactions faster than Flash and actually got one or two at face value….. to get one now you would have to be very lucky or filthy rich, or both, next Saturdays gig is FREE!!! … Yes free, it’s just for you Voodoo’s for the small consideration of getting to the venue, not so bad eh?!

So, have a great weekend and we’ll look forward to seeing you all on the next one round!!!! Until then… Rock a Hula Voodoo’s…………. all the time!

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