Aug 2019

So this weekend is studio time!…. As reported Voodoo Kings‘ follow up to Systems Green will be recorded in the Autumn. The theme is more red than green featuring ‘Burning in the Dust’ and the project will be in collaboration with grammy award winning producer Roger Lomas, who Dave and Sam enjoyed working with on the Bonediggers debut album, a mini album on vinyl….. Which brings me neatly back around to this weekend.

Voodoo Kings return to 14 Records to complete their mini album, which will be available on vinyl, CD and download later in the year. We don’t want to spoil the surprise but it okay to say this album is all about the Voodoo Skiffle that the lads have been entertaining, hey!… Let’s say thrilling audiences who have been packing out the small venues to get a load of the ‘Train Set’

Matt and Gemma are great to work with on this project and the whole experience has been relaxed and fun, while maintaining a professional approach to recording these songs to sound as real as they do when we’re in the room playing live. So far the results are bang on, edgy and true to the roots we are acknowledging on this session ” explained Dave to a Melody Maker reporter in a trilby at the Thursday Jazz club last night.

Rockin’ the Hula Voodoo’s!!… Have a great weekend!!!!!!!

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