Oct 2019

As we reported briefly last week all the tracks for the new album are ‘in the can’. While our design department gets busy on the artwork the studio will be rollin the tracks through the mixer and we hope, without too much delay (it’s Rock ‘n’ Roll there are always delays!) * the album will be available for download and on CD, vinyl too we hope but the manufacturering process is lengthy.

So, for everyone eager to hear what’s on the album, and of course the Train Set and all the popular Rockin, Skiffle blues mayhem you have grown to love in a Live Voodoo Set…… Here’s two dates for your diaries..

FRIDAY OCTOBER 18th The Old Windmill Spon St, Coventry

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 2nd The Old Dyers Arms The Butt’s, Coventry

Plenty of good ale available at both venues…. And a whole lot of that good old Voodoo magic……. Doing what comes natural as we get into winter!… See y’all there Voodoo’s!!!!!!!

* when asked after twenty five years of drumming with the Rolling Stones what that meant to Charlie Watts he replied ”five years work, twenty years hanging around”.

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