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Double Bass, Contra Bass, Stand up Bass, Slap Bass, String Bass etc: –

Whatever you call them it’s what I play in the Voodoo Kings…….read on, bass slappin lovers!………….


When I started playing the acoustic upright with Voodoo Kings, I thought well I haven’t played in a while so it should be too long before it all came flooding back. I was right but it wasn’t memories. It was sweat and tears, jeeze you have be fit to keep that up.

So with out much deliberation, the process is this: Want to play slappin bass in a rockin band huh? This is what you may need.


First 1 x Double bass, 2 x pick ups, Bass amp, Bass cab/s to amplify your sound.

No plectrum required for me thanks.

I am currently using: 2 x double basses, One blonde which was repaired for me twice now by John Williams from NoiseWorks.This was damaged on stage at Cheltenham’s Wychwood festival. I also have a Rosewood bass from my Bonediggers days which has done a fair bit of touring and had her own share of mishaps along the way.

Broken headstock x 3 times, replaced fingerboard once, new tailpiece and end rod, bridges, end nuts, you name it.


Any way my rig out consists of : ¾ double basses x 2, 1 x  hard shell Bass case,Schaller,Underwood,touchtone pick ups.Thomastic superfex strings,1 x Sunn Mustang 1200 bass cab.1 x 400w SWR,1 x 250w,Fender or 200wLaney bass cabs.

And when I’m feeling adventurous I may run this system through a Boss analogue delay unit for that cathedral slap back sound.


The perfect set up if you want to run along side Whippets Gretsch drums and Daves Blonde and green Gretsches and Vox ac30 or Marshall valve state 2000.


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