Oct 2020
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Our latest album is well and truly out of the station and making tracks around the sights and sounds that are becoming the soundtrack of this most unusual year…. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea is it! I think given the choice the inhabitants of Voodoo Towers are split between their choice of global crisis…. […]

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…… Clickety clack! Amongst some minor mahem in the Voodoo merch workshop (not worth diverting just now) at Voodoo Towers we have made it possible to listen to Rollin’, track by track, buy the whole album in high quality digital format… Or if you fancy snatching up one or two tracks…. Now you can! We’re […]

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This weekend brings a Sunday live Voodoo treat at the Rockin Roots and Blues venue The Gatehouse! This Sunday the Voodoo’s will be adding Rollin to the Rockin Roots And playing an opening set of Blues. ” This is the only live gig opportunity in Coventry and since our first one in August we’ve tried […]

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Sep 2020

A question I have been asked quite often, a question the band have become used to in interview situations…. Except the one Dave did when the DJ didn’t and all he could think of to share with the audience was his knowledge of the genre! ….he had recently returned from New Orleans in fairness. So, […]

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Aug 2020

When Charlie Watts was asked on the 25th anniversary of the Rolling Stones first gig what those years had been like he replied ”5 years of hard work and 20 years hanging about”….! Working through the tracks on Rollin in the studio was very enjoyable for the Voodoo’s, experienced as they are with studio work […]

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Jun 2020

Rollin’ the album has all been signed off and is being manufactured! We’ve had a few holdups along this particular creative journey but, heck, we’ve made it to the other side and the Voodoo Train is on the tracks. We are indeed Rollin’….. At last. Of course everyone here in Voodoo Towers has been very […]

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