Here are all the songs we have taken to the final mix, we encourage your comments on what you hear. What tracks you like the sound of and which tracks you would like to be included on our debut album.

As the album is a ‘work in progress’ we know you will appreciate that we cannot put the whole songs up yet and we will be adding more recordings as we finish the mixes. Full versions, however, are available to hear at our gigs, radio stations and other websites. We will of course keep you informed of any of the above and direct you to where and when.

Also we will be showing exclusive first views, playing first listens and offering limited free downloads. Here’s the music so far!


Easy Street:

I’m Not Blind:

Love Invention:

My Babe:

Rock ‘n’ Roll Heart:


Voodoo Cars:

************Voodoo Kings ALBUM COMING SOOON *************

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