As the entertainment industry starts to find its feet as it makes a timid return to business as usual everyone here at Vooodoo Towers would like to applaud the people who have done everything possible to make live music possible over the past two years….

From our point of view recognition and support for the need of live music during a time when many felt isolated and bewildered has been key to a lot of people keeping it together during a very trying period. We recognise many people were involved in the UK and from our point of view we want to thank the local pubs who did their utmost, in particular in Coventry the Gatehouse Tavern. The management and staff have supported the Sunday ‘Rockin Roots and Blues‘ live events throughout. Whenever it has been at all possible there has been a great venue, PA and bands but most importantly supporters of live music who have been the greatest audience and the best company ever!!!…. Cheers to all involved, you know who you are and the good you’ve done! Know we appreciate all your support through thick and thin!

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