May 2021

From the movies to a scene inside her head…… 10 points and a copy of Systems Green to the first correct answer (on a postcard) where that line came from?…. Alternatively you could message us, tell us how you’re doing, how you’ve been through this weirdness.

As Taylor Swift said to us when she came over to share a dirty bourbon at the Voodoo table on Tuesday night during the Brit Awards ” this shit’s gotta end soon”. Inspired by her words the Voodoo Kings returned to the secure sanitised space within Voodoo Towers that has become rehearsal and recording studio for the Voodoo Vibes for the past 18 months.

Whippet emerged blinking in the virgin sunlight during a recent Voodoo rehearsal and greeted reporters with the news that the Voodoo Kings are back! For those of you who will need more detail….. The lads have dates booked in June and July when they will return to the stage avec amps et al ” blowing the cobwebs away” as Sam chirped in.

There will be a simultaneous return of the much loved acoustic Train Set too which will likely be sooner than the two booked in, details will follow as and when we can announce. In June the Voodoo’s return to their spiritual home in Digbeth where they will headline the long awaited return of Punks Alive gigs at Dead Wax, also performing are Bad Axe and the Silhouettes to name just two…. The good news is that tickets are only £5 each and you can get yours right now! Follow the link below for a Rockinest good time on Thursday June 23rd folks…

Punks Alive presents Voodoo Kings live at Dead Wax

Not only will it be great to perform the amped up n loud Voodoo set but we are especially looking forward to seeing our good friends in Digbeth and, of course the travelling Voodoo crew, we know y’all love it there!!!!!

Rockin times are ahead Voodoo’s!!!

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