Hi everyone!…Well, this is how the header might have read!!

As you know The plan was to release our new album Rollin in the Spring (about now) and then join up with our PR crew on our yacht in our beautiful, sunshine drenched secret tropical hideaway. As a major part of our PR would involve TV appearances it would be essential and, actually our duty to be as healthy looking as is possible, therefore our image guru Farquelharsen elected that we utilise our trusty sea faring mini hotel ‘The Voodoo You Do‘ as the ideal station from where we could work.

As you know a few months ago the world was waking up to the realisation that HG Wells might have had a point and his ‘War of the Worlds‘ could be about to prove itself more prophetic than fiction! And as in that story, there is nowhere to run but, in fact do the opposite and we might survive this pandemic.

So, the terrible outcome so far for us all in separate isolation rooms in Voodoo Towers is ‘The Voodoo You Do’ is bobbing around that tropical harbour in absolute silence, no acoustic strumming thumping or banging afloat a shimmering sea under a big silvery moon. No clinking of champagne glass, like fairy wings bending the light breeze to make the sound, in the hands of Farquelharson and his giggling troup of bright young things… Anyway, dwelling on that isn’t going to make you feel any better, or any more informed about what we’re actually doing during the UK lock down.

So, there are still a few legal ends to be tied up before we go into production, finally, we expect this to be sorted out soon. In the meantime our artist Hel has designed some brilliant new merchandise to go along with the everso good album cover design and all systems are green!

In actual fact the current conditions have brought about a busier than usual schedule for the majority of workers at Voodoo Central. This week sees the return to work of some of us and we will be doing what we think you might like in way of providing entertainment during the lock down…. Thankfully the news has returned eh! and our author is very happy to be able to keep you informed (ha ha….. Ed) . Stay safe, be tip top and let’s look forward to a lot, no loads of good rockin on the flip side!!!!

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