So, Saturday night was a gig we thoroughly enjoyed and it’s been great to get very positive feedback about the live performance of the upcoming album Rollin….. It was something the band were looking forward to presenting, and probably for the first and only time before the album is available. In the current circumstances Voodoo Kings have decided it would be irresponsible to perform live and potentially put people at risk of severe illness Our next live outing is scheduled for May 2nd at The Gatehouse, in the garden in the sunshine…. All being well of course…. In the meantime everyone here at Voodoo Towers will be busy preparing the album for release and the band will be busy writing the next one (or two!) and quite likely providing you with quality reading material via the Voodoo Blog cos every day is Friday when you’re self isolating! …. Whether you’re gonna hunker down or brave the elements through this latest ‘storm’…. Stay safe Voodoo’s we’ll see y’all on the flip side.

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