Jul 2021

…. Means pencilled in folks. Here at Vooodoo Towers we have become very cautious about advertising upcoming gigs until we are sure it can go ahead. So without going into the Voodoo gigs that have been pulled we, instead will report the telephone conversation we had recently with Northern Songstress Supreme Heather Small of M People.

VC ” Hi Heather, Voodoo Central here, how are you Babe”

HS ” Aright chuck ta, ‘ows t’ Vooodoo’s doing, looking forward to a knees up in Cov with you all right enough, can’t wait! ”

VC ” Well, that’s why we’re calling, news is filtering through that the weekend is cancelled ”

HS ” @#)(%* cancelled, you’re #) (@%* ‘avin’ me on, I ‘ve ‘eard nowt up’ ere. ‘kin ‘ell, I were looking forward to that, shek me stuff with Spicey Mel C on the Friday and rockin’ the Saturday wi’ t’Voodoos… It were #(@)* kin outside, whassa problem??

VC ” dunno, beats us too, 40,000 in Wembley, no masks no social distancing but our get together in Cov is called off… Crackers!

HS ” too right, crackers is a @#(()%*ing understatement…. Are we still meeting in Rome tomorrow?

VC ” The lads are there already Babe, probably drinking Peroni ahead of the game tonight, yeah, cool see you there tomorrow…. Away shirts BTW! ”

HS ”cool, see ya in Rome, ta ra!”

….. All being well you can see the Voodoo Kings Live! in the Gatehouse Tavern garden on Sunday 11th July from 2pm…..watch this space, and, always, search for the hero Voodoo’s

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