Dec 2020

It’s enough to make you Cry, Cry, Cry. Our hospitality industry is on its knees, live entertainment and venues have nowhere to turn to and jyst as we’re looking at a chink of light, a glimmer of hope that our pubs can open and maybe some of us in the entertainment industry can jyst breathe a little… Or just go out ffs!.. And we’re back in the slammer (or tier three as it’s called in December 2020)…..

…. We will survive, we will return to the stage, our pubs will survive and our social lives will return… In the meantime, how’s your baking going? Here at Voodoo Towers the lads are not allowed to be in the same room together so while Whippet has altered the roof, Sam’s demolished a wall ( not entirely deliberately we add!) and Dave’s been redecorating. So now we have a two storey rehearsal room with two rooms in the basement and the lads can rehearse and remain in separate rooms… It’s the Voodoo version of zoom….. Boom!

Anyway, as we all know life is what you make it…. The band have done a new acoustic version of ” Love Invention ”.. And put it on video, we’ll put that on our Voodoo Central page (Facebook) tomorrow and hope your weekend is already rockin’ by then… All the best Voodoo’s!!

If you fancy a copy of the new Voodoo Kings album Rollin… Get it Here

If its a high quality download you fancy, or any individual tracks you can get that Here

The Devils Brew train compilation feat Streamline Train by Voodoo Kings, well that’s right Here

Rrrrrrrrrock a Hula Voodoo’s!!

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