Apr 2021

At the time of writing pubs across the UK are getting ready to open their doors. At Voodoo Central we firmly believe our licensing trade deserves the full support of each and every able one of us!

Like many other people Voodoo Kings have been financially hit by the pandemic fall out. You may remember a year ago, early Spring was the release date of our album Rollin’ and there was an extensive tour in place to promote the much anticipated release of a section of the ‘Voodoo Train Set’……. However

At Voodoo Towers we have been gathering in the grounds, trimming our hedges, shaping the conifers and generally keeping ourselves busy and active. There has been a modicum of concern in the guitar and vocal department, as you may be aware, Dave took to the kitchen in the Towers and driven by the threat of a national yeast shortage produced his own sourdough starter. The process required the baked goodies to be sampled, sourdough bread, pancakes, crackers, cakes, it’s surprising, the variety of delicious treats that can be created along with the basic food stuff….. Anyway, we digress, the Devil waits for no man but we can get on our bikes and get on with it and that’s exactly where we are at on the eve of the return of the welcoming open arms of our favourite pubs!…. Hallelujah!

The forecast at present is that live music events may be possible, outdoors around the middle of May… In conjunction with the Rockinest, the very bestest promoters of outdoor live events, friends of the Voodoo, the Coventry based Rockin Roots And Blues crew we are prepared to return to the live scene in our spiritual home ground in our City Centre… the Gatehouse Garden! Sourdough Starter, loaves and cakes will be available along with the albums Systems Green and Rollin‘ and a variety of merch including your Summer ’21 TShirts…. ☺️

Enjoy the pubs being open again Voodoo’s and be ready for the return of our best Train Set ever!!

Dates are booked in venues in June and July folks, we’ll keep you informed as we get full confirmation that these dates will be allowed to go ahead.

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