We’re just taking a moment to peak over the turrets here at Voodoo Towers and wave at you all.

While we’re in the weirdest time period of our lives it’s important to remain in touch with the life that we love. One day soon we will be where our very good friends in New Zealand are now! In fact we’re quite excited here at Voodoo Towers, awaiting the arrival of our visas and clearance papers…….

For many bands the prospect of playing a live gig at a big festival is within reach but the ink can’t be committed to paper just yet, and even the top UK musicians who are old enough to have already had a vaccination and have enough private jets between them to fly themselves to Venus and back, aren’t allowed to go.

The best we can hope for is that the fuel money will be spent wisely, at Voodoo Towers we say hurray for Rock Star landowners who rewild and reintroduce boar and deer…. Even though the guitars can’t be plugged in and the amps turned up to eleven our legends of the UK music scene can still stick it to the man.

To our brothers and sisters worldwide we wave a cheery hi!…. We’ll see you soon, to our brothers and sisters in New Zealand… Well done!!!!….. Every Voodoo here salutes you!

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