So, with no dates to report, as we still can’t be sure if the dates that promoters and venues have put in place are still only pencil marks on an optimistic calender here’s a little bit about our City’s music scene on the eve of it having the title ‘City of Culture’ bestowed upon her….. Starting, of course with the view from Voodoo Towers..

Sam, Whip and Dave had known each other for a few years before the notion of Voodoo Kings was born. Sam and Whip worked together in the Skabillies and Mantra Sect, Sam and Dave worked together in Bonediggers, Roddy Byers, writer of some great Coventry anthems worked alongside Sam, Whip and Dave in Skabillies and Bonediggers. Coventry is not such a big city when you focus on the skeleton of the music providers and at least since the 50’s Coventry has enjoyed being host to a talented family of original and varied musical minds.

One of the original bands to kick off that legacy was the Zodiacs, not unfortunately, the same Zodiacs who played the Cavern Club in the early sixties and left their graffiti where it can often be seen on the wall behind and between Lennon and McCartney or Harrison, Sutcliffe and Best. Not unusual to realise two rocking bands of the era chose the name of an iconic car of the era, that too is interesting history too, but a different story altogether. However, the Mersey Beat scene created in Liverpool and enjoyed worldwide for the first five years of the 60’s was repeated by the Two Tone movement nearly two decades later in Coventry. That reverberation of the Rock n Roll explosion continues to rumble in the very roots of the British Music Industry, it is shining brightly in the souls of eager to explode teenagers, the next generations, still devoted to previous revolutions and the children who are going to discover there own Rock n Roll in the future. No matter where it is born it will travel like a tornado to every City!

We must not forget like an excited child a ‘happening scene’ is waiting, ready to surprise us and enjoy our shock, laughter, enthusiasm and total empathy with a brand new movement, a new vibe, a buzz…… Heaven knows we really need that right now! In the past such ‘revolutions’ have caused complaint from authority, they are disruptive, distracting our children from working hard to become just what society needs them to become. Here’s to our children becoming what they will, doing what they love because our society now knows very well what no live gigs, art events, restricted freedom of movement, suppression of self expression actually feels like.

History has taught us that the conditions we are all enduring are the classic ingredients of the ‘spark’. Considering the law of physics, every action causes reaction, it will be interesting to see what a long period of non action will produce in the arts and entertainment world…. History has taught us what we can be hopeful for…. basking in the resulting glow of that spark? You bet! …. Long Live Rock and Roll!

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