Voodoo Towers is a stronghold , an upright vessel of good taste and ingenuity. However, no amount of our quality could hold back the intrepid virus that attacks like an alien army on an unsuspecting planet …..yes, we’ve been watching Dr Who in isolation. ….but we have finally got the better of the bug and it has shot back up its fluxhole

Now we can begin again, not quite where we left off because we’re doing something new first!…. The Gatehouse Tavern has been a popular Rockin’ ground for us all at the Rockin Roots and Blues events….and now there’s a new one!… Join us for our FRIDAY NIGHTS’ AUTHENTIC ROCKIN evening in our recreation of a scene that is all things skiffle and rock n roll … Just come along and see what we mean .

See y’all at the Gatehouse Tavern FRIDAY 26TH NOVEMBER for good company, good Rockin and some good old Southern hospitality…ah yes, food too Voodoo’s.. .see y’all there!!

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