There is a new venue in our City where on Saturday 24th July Voodoo Kings will host not one but two sets to celebrate the return of a weekend in a pub like we used to…… How long ago???

SATURDAY 24TH JULY is the date and you’ll wanna be in Tile Hill Coventry.. There will be a barbecue all afternoon and evening.. The pub has recently been refurbished, has a reputation for great food, there is a big garden and the cellar is stocked with a variety of well kept ales. Voodoo Kings are in control of the music which will include live sets at 3pm and 7pm!!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all again and hosting the event. Friends of the Voodoo have been invited to enjoy the event and even join in if they fancy it!

The venue you’re gonna want to be at next Saturday is The Auction House.

We’re also looking forward to seeing you again this Sunday in the Rockin Roots and Blues garden at the Gatehouse Tavern …. . Voodoo Train a rollin’!!!!!!!!….. See y’all there, live music starts at 2 Voodoo’s!!

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