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So many people have asked at gigs about the two Gretsch guitars I used at our gig at the Old Wharf and Whitefriars. Here are the facts (for guitar lovers only 🙂 )

After enjoying playing my blonde Broadkaster for many years the time had come for me to invest in a second guitar for our gigs. After seeing Brian Setzer play a bright green Gretsch on the Rockabilly Riot tour I was sure of one thing, the new guitar had to be a voodoo shade of green!

Gretsch released an anniversay remake of the 1958 6118T model in 2006 and it proved so popular they did it again five years on and this is the guitar I bought recently, in two tone green of course, there is another version in ‘Jaguar’ which is a pearl kind of colour and both versions come with (or without) the Bigsby Tremelo and Filter Tron pick ups and are available in Left handed orientation too.

I was so impressed at Tuesdays rehearsal I went straight into the set on Thursday with her and went right through, tuning and handling superb!…however my blonde Broadkaster, who has been so reliable over the years didn’t ‘get a look in’…I actually felt a pang of guilt!….Soon remedied as I used her from the start of our set on Saturday, switched to ‘Voodoo Annie’ mid way and then picked her up to play our encore…she’s known as ‘Sexy Blonde’ btw…;) She was built in 1974 and handles like a Gibson, as in she’s thinner in the body but still hollow bodied with ‘f’ holes.

The difference?…well Annie is cleaner sound-wise and Sexy is louder and a bit dirtier, through an AC30 they can both sound dirty though….I also played Annie through a 60’s Fender twin,lovely sound I have to say 🙂

I hope this clears up some questions I have been asked over the weekend, and thanks for your complimentry comments about them both, any more info you’d like, ask away!


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