Rollin’ will be available for download from all platforms on Friday July 4th!

Almost a week before the next Voodoo Kings’ show they will release their first ever single! That gig being with fellow Coventry Musicians The Specials in Coventry Cathedral Ruins. So, as the band say, ” best get something new available in case anyone seeing us likes us and fancies a bit more Voodoo in their lives! ”…. Well let’s be honest, everyone could do with a bit more Voodoo eh.

Rollin’ was recorded with 14 Records in Leamington Spa only six weeks ago and because we can these days we want it to be available as fresh as possible… Not as fresh as live but then the lads couldn’t do a gig in your car either… Well, let’s never say never, but probably not if you drive a Fiat Uno.

With some very special artwork by our Helen we’re sure the eighty odd pence it will cost will definitely be great value for money….. And there’s more!

Friend of the Voodoo, film maker, director, writer Steve Taylor has leant his talent once again to a Voodoo Kings song and from what we’ve seen…. Well, you’d have to see for yourself, it’s not in our nature to blow on about how brilliant it’s going to be but we can definitely say, once again Steve has put his imagination into producing a visual masterpiece and we can also promise it will be available to view sometime soon!

So the dates are:

FRIDAY JULY 4TH Voodoo Kings ROLLIN’ new single available for download.

THURSDAY JULY 11TH Voodoo Kings LIVE!. in Coventry Cathedral Ruins with THE SPECIALS.

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