Jul 2020

Not exactly what you would imagine by the title…. This isn’t going to be about a delicious sticky fruit concoction that has been awarded the Royal seal of approval. I’m also sure there are many of you who would enjoy a good weekend read about what fruits are ripe and ready to be pureed into tasty, sticky, sweet jar fulls of joy and what you could do with them. Away from the rock n roll lifestyle that none of us have been advised it’s safe to participate in for a while we have noticed at Voodoo Towers a huge increase in the ancient art of baking… ” Ah” I hear you say, and before you ask, raspberries!

What the title actually refers to is….. The Voodoo Kings rehearsed on Tuesday!!….. And you know what that might well mean…. Well, the lads are knocking off Dust to be ready to react with a rockin’…. Wherever and whenever it will be safe to roll the Voodoo engine down the tracks and give you all a long awaited invite to our Train Set LIVE

Watch this space for further information, we will let you know in good time for you to be able to get your ticket to ride.

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