Jul 2020

Even at the dizzy heights in Voodoo Towers ‘the pinch’ has been noticed. Actually, seriously, since March people within and around us have been put under the strain of a financial kind since the restrictions were brought into place.

Music is not only a business of course and without being able to get together and jam even it’s a wonder many musicians have stayed so ressolute and positive about the outcome of this pandemic. The impact on all of us as lovers of live music, going out to see bands with your mates, this isn’t the same as not being able to go to work…. Go figure.

Thankfully, it has just come together, and everyone needs to get behind this scheme. Use the hash tag #LetTheMusicPlay and post up your best or most recent gig pics.

Voodoo Kings will be posing in a Rock ‘n’ Roll style this weekend, creating some new images to accompany the new album promotion… Wheels in motion!!!…. (at last) … and a bit of getting back to normality eh! In the meantime, please get behind the campaign,for further reading and the full story, hit the link.

Let The Music Play

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