Mar 2019

So, as promised last week here’s news about artwork and imagery for the new material and recordings. There is a definate American feel about some of the riffs and lyrics the lads have been creating of late, along with one or two references to trains, you know. Since Dave toured around Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennesee he’s had his head in books about the early stages what became Jazz, Blues, Country and Rock ‘n’ Roll in the US. Sam has been exploring his melody making around that expanding fretboard of his while Whippet‘s adventure into hitting all things that make percussion, I mean pretty much anything! As long as it’s got a good beat and he’s very good at finding one or two of them.

So while the music has been enjoying a scenic journey along the Voodoo track (there it is again folks) our Helen has been applying her artistic talent to accompany the dust ball, pea shaking goings on. One image is this crayoned peice, if it had a scent it would be horses and Jack Daniels eh!

If you’re riding and sippin’, or whatever else you do we hope you have a great weekend ahead!!

Next live show: Friday April 5th Old Windmill Spon St Coventry.

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