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So… in case you were wondering what the Voodoo Kings have been up to lately, apart from the birth of Buddy West of course, here is a brief update from Voodoo Kings and Voodoo Central:

 Systems Green album has been well received and reviewed (with more reviews still to come in) – still not got your hands on the album? Then not to fear, the Voodoo Shop will soon be available via along with various other Voodoo goodies!!!

 For those of you who’d rather download the digital version….we have been working with the best and you will soon be able to stream a copy from all major digital outlets worldwide from October..

 So enough about the album, what about the band I hear you ask…. well…. volume two of their ‘thunderbilly’ magic is already burning through the stratosphere with some great new tunes to beat about your ears.

They have also been involved in a secret recording mission that must still remain under wraps for the time being.

After the brief interlude for the arrival of Buddy you will be able to catch them live starting with Weston Super Mare on Saturday August 17th 

 Keep up to date with all the Voodoo news Right Here!

 The Future’s Bright…. the Future’s Green 😉      ……. Rock A Hula!!

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