May 2019

This weekend Voodoo Kings will be mostly in the recording studio, which means a new song will be available soon!

As previously reported the Voodoo’s next album will be a collaboration with Coventry’s Grammy winning producer Roger Lomas. We expect recording to begin later in the Summer.


The lads are returning to Matt Waddell at 14 Records for a session! After recording ‘Rodeo Girl‘ for Boney Jack’s Record Shacks compilation album on vinyl (more news about that release as we get it) the lads have decided to lay down some tracks from their acoustic skiffle set, which we hope will be ‘out there’ about the middle of June!

You may also recall Coventry Filmmaker Steve Tayler recorded a video session with the band? We hope that from this session the soundtrack will be just right and the Voodoo will be Rollin out on a silver screen near you (tube) soon too.

Big thanks for the huge turnout for our live acoustic skiffle show last weekend, although we have no official count yet we believe a record amount of money was raised through the afternoon into the evening. It was a great atmosphere and excellent performances from all the musicians made it a memorable afternoon of Rockin Roots and Blues!!!

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