At long last we are able to confirm all of the criteria has been met, we’ve dotted i’s, crossed t’s and we contemplate the weekend ahead with the knowledge that Rollin’ is finally in the manufacturing stage!

We had a lot of stuff to sort out, not really interesting enough to report and then of course the pandemic caused delays for one reason or another but we are all safe and well, and we hope you and your loved ones are too. Shortly before the UK locked down we decided to put a track on that nobody had heard before…. Not even the band!… This is true, the song, Delta Storm was born in the studio during a moment in between recording the songs in the Rollin’ Train Set. The spine is a develish bass line that Sam had been riffing for a few weeks, Whippet joined in with a mesmerising beat while Dave, in the control room did a bit on the guitar, threw some vocals in but mostly watched the time and cued Sam and Whip on 3 minutes. And so an original drum and bass track with bits of guitar and vocals slipped into a file and was to remain in the can. Voodoo Kings met up to view and discuss Hels artwork in March, the release was scheduled for early Spring, then the music became the focus and Sam invited Dave to have a go on his newly built cigar box guitar….. It was about an hour afterwards when a day in the studio was booked at 14 Records and just before we couldn’t do that kind of thing Delta Storm was complete and was placed alongside the rest of the Rollin’ session….. ” I’ve gotta change the artwork now! ” Helen pointed out……

It looks and sounds the best we all could have made it and we’re very happy with what we have all achieved and now we can say……. Rollin’ is on the way!!!… More news about the album tracks and when and how you can get it will follow…. Keep it safe and keep it Rockin’ Voodoo’s!!!!

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