So, with just a week to go before this year’s Voodoo Summer begins, how’s your maths?…. What does this week’s blog title mean?…. Both numbers refer to Centuries and the first person to tell us the meaning will get a copy of Voodoo Kings’ Systems Green… That’ll be at next Fridays gig then….. April 5th at the Old Windmill Coventry.

This is the gig that’s gonna kick off our 2019 Summer of Rockin’ Voodoo Mayhem..At least one festival date confirmed, this year is shaping up to be a promising mix of venues and events and we hope you all will be able to celebrate the start of it all in a laid back acoustic skiffle rockin Riot kinda way!

The venue for next Friday, in case you don’t know is an Old Alehouse renowned for good beer and good times…… How old? Answer here

See y’all there Voodoo’s!! ¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 comments on Twenty One into Fifteen

Dec Spain

21st century band in a 15th century pub


Steph Hill

The number of centuries the Old Windmill has been trading as a pub ? See you next Friday for ale & music 🙂


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