You know the lads were in the studio last week? Well here’s some good news you won’t know.

Voodoo Kings are going to release an old school ‘double A side‘ single. The tracks are Rollin‘ and Rodeo Girl and they will be available for download before the band perform their show in Coventry with The Specials in July!

Songs from the very popular Voodoo Skiffle set were also laid down and it is very likely along with the new album (the band are recording with Roger Lomas) there will also be a ‘Skiffle Special’ released to accompany it.

Voodoo Kings tracks….. Like buses, or should that be trains…….. ☺️

Rock a Hula Voodoo’s!!!!!!!

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long live… live Music for all time
Terry…………Your a great Dude

etype….. Tim


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