As the entertainment industry starts to find its feet as it makes a timid return to business as usual everyone here at Vooodoo Towers would like to applaud the people who have done everything possible to make live music possible over the past two years…. From our point of view recognition and support for the […]

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Jul 2021

…. Means pencilled in folks. Here at Vooodoo Towers we have become very cautious about advertising upcoming gigs until we are sure it can go ahead. So without going into the Voodoo gigs that have been pulled we, instead will report the telephone conversation we had recently with Northern Songstress Supreme Heather Small of M […]

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There have been some very big clouds hovering above the live music scene for a long time. There may be some little rain clouds appear on Sunday. BUT THAT WON’T AFFECT THE LIVE VOOODOO SET!!!!!! Outside but undercover is the new indoors and that’s where we will be at The Gatehouse Tavern Coventry on Sunday […]

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May 2021

From the movies to a scene inside her head…… 10 points and a copy of Systems Green to the first correct answer (on a postcard) where that line came from?…. Alternatively you could message us, tell us how you’re doing, how you’ve been through this weirdness. As Taylor Swift said to us when she came […]

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Apr 2021

At the time of writing pubs across the UK are getting ready to open their doors. At Voodoo Central we firmly believe our licensing trade deserves the full support of each and every able one of us! Like many other people Voodoo Kings have been financially hit by the pandemic fall out. You may remember […]

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So, with no dates to report, as we still can’t be sure if the dates that promoters and venues have put in place are still only pencil marks on an optimistic calender here’s a little bit about our City’s music scene on the eve of it having the title ‘City of Culture’ bestowed upon her….. […]

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We’re just taking a moment to peak over the turrets here at Voodoo Towers and wave at you all. While we’re in the weirdest time period of our lives it’s important to remain in touch with the life that we love. One day soon we will be where our very good friends in New Zealand […]

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From the bottom of the basement of Voodoo Towers we wish you all, (and us too) .. A very happy new year!… It may seem a long way off but we’re staying absolutely positive and we are sure there will be live music playing, people dancing and everyone celebrating the return of our freedom before […]

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Dec 2020

Well, anyone who guessed how this year was going to pan out gets an extra sprout. At least there are plenty of TV shows we can tune to and learn how to cook them this year! Being a mixture of carnivore and vegetarian the kitchen in Voodoo Towers will be a melee of joyous sound […]

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