From the bottom of the basement of Voodoo Towers we wish you all, (and us too) .. A very happy new year!… It may seem a long way off but we’re staying absolutely positive and we are sure there will be live music playing, people dancing and everyone celebrating the return of our freedom before much more time passes.

We still haven’t had to have broadband screwed into our aerial at Voodoo Towers, it is something we all agreed would be a last resort when we’re fed up of Frustration, BopIt and Twister. As reported pre Christmas the band put their other skills to work Whippet completed a roof extension which has become a brilliant den for watching the night sky… The colaberation of Saturn and Jupiter being a particular treat (who actually needs the Internet??)During daylight hours Sam and Dave can look out down the long driveway and spot delivery drivers loaded with ale and comics or just enjoy the Peacocks as they meander over the front lawn, just the other morning one stood so long on the frosty grass it actually stuck to it, Whippet (bird mad) of course came to the rescue… I hear you all sigh with relief.

Anyway, plenty to get on with here, we’re confident we’ll have some good news for you as soon as we can all get out there!….. In the meantime Voodoo’s, be like that Peacock in the icy grass….. Heads up and stick at it y’all!!!!!

We sincerely look forward to seeing every single one of you as soon as……

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