Dec 2020

Well, anyone who guessed how this year was going to pan out gets an extra sprout. At least there are plenty of TV shows we can tune to and learn how to cook them this year! Being a mixture of carnivore and vegetarian the kitchen in Voodoo Towers will be a melee of joyous sound and eerie smells this Christmas. We can report that Voodoo Kings have completed their house chores and the old Towers is restored, refreshed and tidy, all but for a few bottles here and there…. Well the lads have worked hard!

You may recall we were kicking our heels a bit, very keen to play but the last two dates of the year had to be postponed and so like many other folks universally we set about making some home improvements….. The world probably smells of sawn wood and gloss paint by now!

We would have dearly loved to present our Christmas with the Voodoo’s set in the wonderful Windmill and enjoy the company of so many of you, however, we can report some good news, the pub is on course to survive and open again in the New Year. A blessing indeed in these uncertain times.

We can look back at our Summer gigs at the Gatehouse Tavern when the Rockin Roots And Blues played on, providing some great live music in Coventry city centre every Sunday while the law allowed… Voodoo Kings were very happy to support the events and we enjoyed getting together with some of you…. And we were very happy to meet some of you who travelled to catch some live music!

Rollin got released eventually!….. Slowly pulling out of ‘Station Lockdown’ and out there to meet some very complimentary reviews and views from the Voodoo’s *. A live set of Rollin was performed and a couple of tracks recorded live in the basement of Voodoo Towers hit the Internet channels. The album is also receiving airplay on local and national BBC stations and international stations are picking up on the vibe too. Streamline Train was lifted and apears on the Devils Brew train compilation (well worth a listen…. and available as a free download from Bandcamp!)

All our Voodoo wishes are for one thing this year…. Everyone stay safe!… The bug is stronger in cold weather and when it hasn’t been skulking around pubs that do not serve substantial meals it has been watching films like X-Men and the like and being easily influenced has become a mutant so beware!… We should all soon be enjoying each others company in venues we love to be in!

See y’all in 21 Voodoo’s!!

* we had some last minute requests for Rollin CD’s and T-Shirts…. To be sure they arrive before Christmas day we’ll take care of delivering them …. Maybe even play a live set in your garden!….. Watch the Skies….!!

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