Apr 2020

So, after navigating some turbulent waters we have all arrived safely back to Voodoo Towers where we can safely isolate while accessing the 21st Century Music Publishing computer, and the good news from our fecord label is that we have secured the appropriate license to go ahead and manufacture ‘Rollin‘…. The current conditions may have slowed the pace at which our lives were traveling… but when it comes to this lil ole train of Rythym and Joy, well, there simply ain’t no stoppin’ the rockin’ folks!

Voodoo Kings are currently, as every other good citizen in the UK, regarding the request in place that we all stay at home and protect lives by not overworking the good people working hard to save lives.

While we do so, we are still available over the Internet, at an instant in most cases, and we will continue to put out some interesting bits of film and sounds for you, we’re even taking requests….. And here’s one right here coming through the ole faithful Voodoo fax machine………. D e ar. V oo do K ings can you.. Please bring your Thunderbilly magic to my party in Coventry on November 21st…. It’s at the Triumph Standard club, a lot of other class acts will be performing too…. All the best…. Nash.

So, yeah! In fact we’ll open the Nash Bash and get a load of the other bands’ sets…… Topped off by The Hayriders!…… Something to look forward to, worth staying healthy hey!!……. Wish you all a great weekend Voodoo’s…. Especially those of you who are working…. Happy Holidays!!!!!

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