Dec 2021

We’re very happy to announce that the Voodoo Train Set will return the the Windmill for the return of the Voodoo’s festive get together in the City!!

Christmas with the Voodoo’s at the Windmill became a regular legend among the Coventry music, beer and fun community. For two years the memory of meeting up at the old pub for a festive catch up is all we’ve had to warm the cockles and giggle muscles while we sheltered from the storm that became a long lockdown. However, we have emerged from the static and confusion and even while all around us the dither stutters on, for us there is a clear sky. At night we can see the stars, we can reach up to the hope that from now on we can celebrate as we choose with our loved ones, family and friends perhaps…….

As well and also in the Old Windmill in Spon St Coventry on SATURDAY DECEMBER 18th, it’s been a while……let’s have a get together this Christmas!!

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