We’re looking forward to playing a special live set in Leamington’s up coming place to be at, play at, be seen at…… Temperance… The link you need for next FRIDAY 27TH SEPTEMBER is right HERE

While we have been so relaxed, chilling in the sunshine in various lands (and sea) on this World of ours…. Yes ours, don’t let anyone pursued otherwise…. Anyway, we have also been contemplating the mixes for the latest songs we have recorded for our iminant second album….. Contemplating is a sometimes overlooked process when the environment dictates ‘time is money’… Thankfully Voodoo Central is a stress (and money) free environment.. ☺️

Wish you all a great weekend and look forward to see you at Temperance Leamington CV31 3AF….. NEXT FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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