It’s here again!… Our annual intimate get together Voodoo set is going on next weekend!!…..Saturday 15th December at Coventry‘s oldest, and award winning Ale House The Old Windmill ……… The live music will start at 9pm but best get there early if you want to get yourselves a good seat. As always there is no charge to get in….. This is after all the Voodoo Kings’ Christmas set and traditional festive get together so it’s free and the beer is excellent!!

We have become aware of an admin oversight (totally our error) and we can only apologise for the delay in delivering orders from our online shop…. The delay is fixed and we can safely promise that any orders we receive over the next fortnight will be processed to arrive before Christmas, so you’ll be alright and on time if you fancy a bit of Voodoo rockin’ yer stockings!!

So, last week we played a live acoustic set at the excellent Psycho Santa Six event…. Confident we could deliver our brand of Psychobilly ‘Old School’ style we just arrived with our basic gear, unsure how a loyal Psychobilly crowd would react to our unique approach…. Well!….. Thanks to each and every one of you who not only enjoyed our set but also spent time after the gig chatting with us, sharing our passion for the music and letting us know how appreciated our ‘Honest to the bones‘ (as someone said) set was…. Thanks y’all…. Legends, all of ya!!

That’s all for this week Voodoo’s….. Looking forward to meeting up again at the Windmill!!!!

Rock a Hula!!

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