While artwork is being finalised and legal stuff signed off we are very nearly looking at the Voodoo Kings’ long awaited second album ‘Rollin‘…. While the wheels of industry slowly turn, let’s put the wheels of the Voodoo train on the tracks and give you a bit of an insight into what you can expect from ‘The ballad of Davey Jones‘ to ‘Boogie Disease’

As most of you will know already the Voodoo Kings took a train journey along their way through Rock ‘n’ Roll and arrived at Roots. There they discovered the origins of the Rockin on both sides of the Atlantic, both are influenced by the same origins, Blues, Gypsy Traditionals into Country and Western, Folk and Jazz. The difference between the U.S. and the U.K. Rockin was simple, established American musicians with instruments and on this side of the pond eager young lads and girls so keen to kick up a Rockin racket they made their own intruments out of tea chests, broom handles and washboards!…. In the 2i’s cafe in London and cafe’s and even deli’s throughout the Uk the excitable comotion became known as Skiffle! Released nearly at the same time as Elvis’ ‘Mystery Train’ was our Lonnie’s ‘Rock Island Line’… both originating from old US born blues songs.

Voodoo Kings’ ‘Rollin’ is a nod to all of the above and is a recorded echo of their very popular Skiffle, Thuderbilly, Rock ‘n’ Rollin’ ‘Train Set’…. Some covers paying respect to our influences and some newly written tunes that express where the influences took us…… we expect availability early Spring!

If you are interested in further reading we highly recommend :

Roots, Radicals and Rockers (How skiffle changed the world) by Billy Bragg.

More Miles Than Money (Journeys through American music) by Garth Cartwright

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