Oct 2020
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Our latest album is well and truly out of the station and making tracks around the sights and sounds that are becoming the soundtrack of this most unusual year…. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea is it! I think given the choice the inhabitants of Voodoo Towers are split between their choice of global crisis…. Zombie Carnage Contagion is popular but so is Alien Invasion leading to the Enslavery of all Humanity… Which would you choose?

Far from having an actual possitve statement to give on the current crisis (who has!) Voodoo Kings are keeping an eye on the goings on and logging ideas and creating the soundtrack for later… When we can look back and learn…. Or not, depending on the future for the human race….. However, good reading and informative findings are out there…..

Many thanks to Andy Holdcroft for his kind words and accurate findings of origin regarding the content of Rollin in Hot Music Live

If you have not heard anything from the new album, which is currently featured on BBC national and local radio and international airplay on many stations scattered across the wide web have a listen on our page at Bandcamp from here you may want to buy a track or two, or the whole album in a high quality digital format of your choice, while you are there please hit the follow button…. Thank You!

Maybe after all you just want the physical CD version with retro gatefold sleeve and cool artwork delivered direct to your door, any door anywhere in this wide world…. AND we will send out a signed copy!…. Hit the direct link to purchase a copy through PayPal

We wish you all good rockin and a return to our preffered gig going rock, rollin’way of life very soon….. Stay happy and healthy Voodoo’s!!!!!

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