Jul 2019
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So, after a busy month of recording, releasing a single and a video, playing an electric sell out gig in Coventry Cathedral Ruins with The Specials you can well understand the lads are looking forward to a relaxing weekend….. But no!

Voodoo Kings are the original Rockin Roots and Blues band and when Rockin Roots and Blues asks for help, of course Voodoo Kings will step in, and that’s what is going on this Sunday 21st July in the City Centre garden at the Gatehouse Tavern. From 2pm and through the afternoon Voodoo Kings will be performing their acoustic skiffle, blues- a – billy, voodoo mayhem for all to enjoy for FREE! As some of you will know the event is usually open to special guests and there is no change there.

Come along and enjoy yourselves in the best Pub garden in the City Centre!!

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