Jun 2020

Rollin’ the album has all been signed off and is being manufactured! We’ve had a few holdups along this particular creative journey but, heck, we’ve made it to the other side and the Voodoo Train is on the tracks. We are indeed Rollin’….. At last.

Of course everyone here in Voodoo Towers has been very aware of the dreadful circumstances that our world has been going through and we’re certainly not clear of the danger yet. Hopeful is all we can be right now…. Voodoo Kings have gigs lined up and they are still due to go ahead, so far, the CD is being manufactured and the media will be alerted with a ‘release date’.

Not only that folks…. We also will be making a new badge and TShirt design available in line with the availability of the new album. Details of the best way to make this available is likely to be by post, while Rollin’ will be available as a full digital download simultaneously….. It’s coming!! The title track Rollin’ is a different on the album (from the previously released digital single) and it’s about the souls of the recently deceased making their journey to the flip side, but the Devil is lurking and trying to steal the souls…… It’s a situation for a hero but who will that be…….. Find Out!

Best wishes to everyone, continued good health and…….. Keep it Rockin’ Voodoo’s!!!!!!!

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