Aug 2020

When Charlie Watts was asked on the 25th anniversary of the Rolling Stones first gig what those years had been like he replied ”5 years of hard work and 20 years hanging about”….!

Working through the tracks on Rollin in the studio was very enjoyable for the Voodoo’s, experienced as they are with studio work their time spent in 14Records allowed for some live creation and experimentation.

Whippet plays jaw harp as part of his percussive repertoire along with a variety of boxes, drums, cymbals, washboard, even an old saucepan from our hosts’ kitchen!…. Sam layed down an acoustic guitar rythym track and a tightly fitting lead break on ‘Picture of You’ and Dave took his banjo out for a spin on ‘Davey Jones’ and seeing as Sam had built a cigar box guitar during some down time Dave borrowed that to add some slide on ‘Delta Storm’.

Then came the hanging about bit as we all know and like everyone else keeping safe and healthy became priority. Determined to present Rollin as best as we could, especially because this is the debut release on our own 21st Century record label and of course because you good people deserve the best! So we had to be patient while the wheels gradually began to roll again…… Thankfully, the wheels rolled…!

Rollin is available on general release from October 2nd but if you are coming to our album launch party on Sunday you will be able to get your Pre-Release copy of the brand new album on CD.!!…. Along with our new T-Shirt design and some other goodies too….. Looking forward to seeing you all there folks!!!

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