Would not surprise us at all considering the closure of National Trust buildings, and the inevitable lack of cash to keep the old places going. It is a subject that cropped up over the weekend during a tea break, one of a few I should say, the biscuit tin is empty too. Thank Heavens Dave has taken to baking!

The Voodoo’s took it upon themselves to spruce up the place while there are no gigs to play, no trips to the recording studio etc…. We are all very grateful for the fact that we got the new album recorded, mixed and physically ready for production…. More news on that very soon, we promise! Anyway, back to the decor, so it’s mostly Sam on the roller, Whip up on the high areas and Dave giving a lick of gloss to the wood…. The whole place is looking, well, worthy of a visit when we’re all allowed to get a bit closer.

Well, I was going to leave this week’s news there, however, as exciting as the decorating has been I have just had a message from Mick, who has been in our video editing suite working on some film that he recorded with his brother Joe last Summer… At the Cathedral Ruins!

I think everyone involved in the Specials’ Coventry gigs at the Cathedral will tell you what a fantastic evening everyone had, especially the musicians I reckon, the view from the stage was breathtaking, and everyone was there to party!…

So on air tonight May 4th 2020!!…… (At 8pm gmt folks) Live from Coventry Cathedral Ruins Voodoo Kings Rock ‘n’ Roll Heart

May the 4th be with you all…. Keep safe and sane, we’ll all meet up for a Rockin’ party on the flip side!!

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