Coming soon to a rooftop near you

…………………………… THE BATMAN…………………………

Can’t wait until then? view our exclusive stills brought to you by the ‘Stratcast Crew’,  the live appearance of the Voodoo Kings on ‘Reverb’ and an interview With Dave West.

An exclusive first screening on ‘Batman’ will also be on its way! We’re in the final editing stages of our debut video. Leading up to then we’ll be treating you to exclusive pictures from the shoot we filmed with the Stratcast crew.

In the meantime we hope you’ll enjoy our live TV appearance on ‘Reverb’ and an interview with Dave that, other than here you can only see on the TV show itself. Also, make sure you keep coming back as we will be adding new videos regularly!

‘Cramped Up’ (Voodoo Kings):

Check out our brand new video ‘Cramped Up’ by the Voddo Kings

‘The Batman’ (Voodoo Kings):

The Official debut video from ‘Systems Green’  Directed by Tom Millwood, Produced by Sophie Blount.  April 2011

Voodoo Cars (live) from the TV show REVERB Dec 2010

Easy Street (live) from the TV show REVERB Dec 2010

I’m Not Blind (live) from the TV show REVERB Dec 2010

Interview with Dave from the TV show REVERB Dec 2010

Burning In The Dust live Adam and Eve Digbeth Birmingham Oct 2012

The Batman (live) at The Old Wharf Digbeth Birmingham October 2011

Love Invention live at Keresley Festival July 2010

Voodoo Kings Live – Voodoo Cars – Reverb Live!